Our ground services are based on Road and train transportations we move your valuable goods in good quality safe and sound cargo containers normally we collect your good from your factories or go downs in a container by road trucks and if your location is far away from port then we use railway trains to move you good till sea ports .


Our airfreight services give you flexibility and speed when you move valuable goods. We are committed to meeting your capacity and transit time needs, and we apply our unified service levels from pick-up to delivery to ensure that your goods arrive where you need them, when you need them.

Our Ocean Freight services offer the right system for all cargoes and requirements. Accurate Services Pakistan has its own offices in every significant harbour throughout the region, from Dubai to Afghanistan, enabling us to promptly react to our customers’ requirements.




Ocean Services

Accurate Services Pakistan is a recognized leader in ocean shipping. At Accurate Services Pakistan, we uniquely combine local know-how and unrivalled personal customer service with global reach, global strength and global expertise.

Ocean transport is a vital part of the world economy, and global relations need global standards. This is why Accurate Services Pakistan has defined a wide range of services for global ocean freight. We offer multi model shipping, global tracking and world wide logistic capabilities all at competitive rates.

Our ocean freight capabilities include:

FCL (Full Container Load)

When you need a full container to ship your cargo, through our centralized capacity management with best of their class carriers, you get
  1. Superior management of vessel space
  2. Competitive Pricing
  3. Availability of equipment
  4. Fixed schedules
  5. Fast Transit Time
  6. Freight visibility
  7. Limited contracting liability

You can identify the pick up and delivery options for each shipment and we would manage through our extensive network across the globe.

  1. Door to Door
  2. Port to Port
  3. Door to Port
  4. Port to Door

LCL (Less than container load)

When you do not have enough cargo to make full container load, please rely on us to provide you with LCL departures to all major ports across the globe.

Our comprehensive approach to LCL management ensures reliable and fast shipment of goods worldwide.

Together with our choice of highest quality carriers, you get
  1. Freight rates based on the actual shipment dimensions and weight
  2. Fixed Departures and arrivals
  3. Highest schedule integrity
  4. Fastest Transit Time

NCL (Non Containerized Load)

This product is specially designed for oversized cargo that cannot fit into a container.

A dedicated team with required expertise and resources is available to handle your over sized cargo or any special project.

Multi Model/Combined Transportation

Our Ocean Freight services can be combined with any of our air freight product through rail and road connections, because our global ocean freight network is linked by scheduled services between our associates, hubs, and gateways ensuring that we can provide complete multi model door to door solution.

Customs Clearance

Our custom clearance experts leverages on their professional expertise to provide cycle time reduction, fast and accurate clearance, error free documentation and shipment visibility. Our clearance services include
  1. Traditional entries
  2. Complex Multi Line entries
  3. Custom Bonded arrangements
  4. Insurance
  5. Off Shore Pre Clearance
  6. Classification and valuation expertise
  7. Customs Bond underwriting

Warehousing and Distribution

Accurate Services Pakistan provides warehousing and distribution solutions that would help you improve inventory management, reduce inventory costs and speed order cycle times

The warehouse facilities are supported by unparalleled computer systems and professionals trained in all areas.

Our services include
  1. Cross Docking
  2. Barcode & Labeling
  3. Pick & Pack
  4. Inventory Control
  5. Inspection and Testing
  6. Repackaging
  7. Shrink Wrap
  8. Strapping

Packaging and Crating Services

Accurate Services Pakistan offers crating services or in house crating for fragile and time sensitive shipments. Our services include
  1. Palletize-Shrink-Wrap cartons or packaged items onto a pallet
  2. Custom packaging-Bubble wrap items; package wrapped items in a customized carton
  3. Custom Crating-Custom built wooden crates specifically for your fragile or high value products

NVOCC Operations

Smaller shippers, with less-than-container load (LCL) shipments, can take advantage of the lower costs associated with being a big shipper. Accurate Services Pakistan working as a Non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs) book space on steamships in large quantities at lower rates and sell space to shippers in smaller amounts.

Container Freight Station (CFS)

For delivery of loose cargo at container freight station of the port of origin under CFS/CFS container service (port-to-port container service or pier-to-pier container service), Accurate Services Pakistan has full arrangements both at both major loading ports i.e. QICT and Karachi Port. Our trained and professional staff works round the clock with the port staff to deliver services which include
  1. Transportation for speedy dispatch of goods
  2. Cargo security
  3. Repackaging
  4. Speedy Customs Examination
  5. Safe and timely Containerization of the cargo

Buyer Consolidation Services

For importers that buy from various sellers in the country, Accurate Services Pakistan offers complete services to combine the orders placed with various suppliers into one single shipment, a buyer’s consolidation. While offering buyer consolidation services, we
  1. Assist our clients with optimization of their procurement and systemization of their operations
  2. Manage all operations in house
  3. Develop EDI linkages with our clients
  4. Keep all PO information strictly confidential

Our services help customers to get

  1. Reduced Logistics Cost
  2. Improved operational efficiency
  3. Reduced Operational / administrative costs

General Forwarding

During the past few decades, trading has emerged as the most significant interaction across the globe of which forwarding is one of the most important facet.

Accurate Services Pakistan has been serving in the market for over three decades to arrange movement of freight by various transportation methods, including air, sea, and land, on behalf of exporters and importers.

Our Freight Forwarding services are well known for its strong domestic networking, making us your total logistics company.

As an extended freight forwarding service, we also offer International Freight Forwarding for our valued customers on six continents. From Australia to the United Kingdom, from Africa to South America, let us help you with your international forwarding requirements.


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